Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I guess it's time for a bit of an update about my whistler weekend. However, I think this one needs a bit of a preface. This may sound a bit weird (bordering on disgusting), but Jennifer and I have this thing about taking lesbian pictures. They're not disgusting or even that revealing...more than anything they're provocative. So far we've used all the typical poses and this time had to become a bit more creative (sadly the pictures didn't turn out, you'll see why)....

Everytime we go to Whistler we spend extended amounts of time in the steam room. We sit there, covered only by a small towel, trying to cool ourselves off by pouring small cups of water over our heads, across our faces, over our chests and down our legs. Essentially what it came down to is that we thought this could be a great introduction to a porn. It seems to be a consensus that girls look sexier when there's water involved--this not only includes water, but steam, and nakedness.... between two girls... We might write the script for our next trip there... We just need a cameraman.... ;-)

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