Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Me=very pissed!!!!! I'm going to vent for a bit here, so if you're not interested, skip this post. First off, I wasn't very happy in the first place that I had to have an MRI--if I had to say I had a phobia it would be MRI's--the smell, the knocking, the torpedo like tube I have to sit in for hours, watching myself on the mirror above...not good...Part of me is incredibly freaked merely for having the scan done, and the other part is scared for what they might find. So, as if that wasn't bad enough for me, I get a call today that they have to reschedule my scan, because if I have it done at Roosevelt it would take 6 hours to do. Whereas if I have it at the hospital it will only take 3 hours. Although come to find out since I'm getting MRIs of two separate locations I now have to go into get them done at two different times. So now I have to have twice as many MRI's (which means I have to get two iv's [needles=another fear of mine]. Going onwards in my bitching, I needed to have my doctor's appointment before December 1st because my orthopedist is going out of town for 2 weeks. Thankfully my foot scan will still be done tomorrow and he can at least talk to me about that, but for my other scan I have to wait two weeks to find out what's going on. Of course this all has to land during finals week when I'm already stressed and crabby, so this just makes me pissed off and annoyed.... Merry Christmas to me!

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