Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

To end my evening, I wandered over to James's with Jen (we were dressed as twins), only to be annoyed either by overly belligerent or overly friendly drunken men. When Jen and I could handle no more, we proceeded to say our good byes, only to be disrupted by the blaring of sirens--fire trucks, police cars and ambulances. Driven by curiosity, we all rushed into the streets, naturally not expecting to actually see anything. However, the air smelled of smoke and the fire engine was not a block away. Inching closer, Jen and I crept to the corner to get a closer look. At first all we could see was smoke bellowing from the top floor window, but not soon after our group had congregated, flames climbed through the window. We could see the firefighters climbing the stairs on the side of the building, as the fire grew larger. Thankfully, within minutes the firemen had the situation under control, leaving behind a large hole in the side of the apartment where a window once was.

So now I sit in my apartment, thankful in knowing my fire alarms work, that no one is smoking, the extent of our cooking was making cereal and no candles have been lit. Perhaps I wouldn't feel so paranoid had I not had a most disturbing dream last night. I woke up this morning at 6:42, nearly in tears. My house had burned down and I lost everything. The last image in my dream was me walking through the pathetic skeleton of the house that the fire left, finding nothing to salvage. So, I feel like the kid in Final Destination--seeing the damage in my dreams before the actual event. What next? Am I going to see a clue for my own demise? I should hope not, but who knows. Doesn't life work in mysterious ways?

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