Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I feel like people have been trying to outdo my stalker posts, and I think that its time that they be put in their place. I believe the key to a stalker is consistency--a true stalker doesn't give up if discouraged, he/she proceeds onward surviving off the most miniscule amounts of attention. And this is the way that life has been for me in genetics.

A while back, Courtney and I felt it was time to perform an experiment to determine the stalker's reasons for looking back. Perhaps he is paranoid and fears a rear attack (funny for a number of reasons--note back to the matching socks comment made previously)... Maybe he's checking out one of the TA's that always sits in the back of the room. With so many possible reasons, there was only one way to tell his true intentions, see if he still looked back as frequently without me sitting behind him. As a sacrifice to science, I skipped genetics a few weeks back, to allow Courtney to make the proper observations of the situation. And our hypothesis was proved true--without me to stare at his backward glances were reduced down to two (we gather these looks were to see if I had come into class yet).

Sadly, there was a bit of time when I thought my stalker had lost interest, but I believe that because of my sour mood, I wasn't looking for the right cues. But this week, my faith in his stalking ability was regained. Twice he sat detached from his group of friends so that he had a perfect line of vision to glance back in my direction. His stares were just as frequent, even lengthening in duration.

Today, however was the true crowning moment for the quarter--there was actually a bit of communication. It might not seem like much--but after a quarter of blatant ogling, a single word spoken in my direction is huge. We were passing papers around the room (the stupid evaluations) and I passed the remainders to him (almost physical contact--whoa), at which point I realized that I needed to pass some to the back of the room as well. I politely asked him to hand me some of them back and he turned, smiled and responded with "yeah, sure, here ya go." So that might be out of common courtesy, right? But when the scantron evaluations came around, he spoke to me once again, "hey, here you are." I believe that this bit of communication was unnecessary, but helps to show that the boundary of communication is slowly crumbling (kinda like Suzzallo Library). Today, I feel accomplished....

So, where does that leave me? Good question, but there's a simple answer.... We have one day left in Genetics for the final. For the last test, he sat in my row, perhaps the final will bring us together once again. At which point more words will be shared, like "excuse me," or "here's your test." A girl can dream can't she??

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