Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

The intent of the evening was to study--seeing how finals are coming up. But that idea was quickly vetoed. After spending some good time procrastinating by making popcorn and cranberry garland for my tree, Dave gives me a call and says that he and a bunch of people are going without too much convincing, Courtney and I dump the studying and head up to Shane and Dave's. Needless to say, bowling is not my sport, but I didn't do too horrible for not having bowled in almost 4 years (I bowled a 74 and then an 87--I sat out in the third game due to uncontrollable shoulder pain). Anyway, we ended up back at the apartment and we all drank glogg and watched southpark. I definitely enjoyed myself--it was great to let loose at the bowling alley. Although I ended up doing entirely too much thinking by the end of the evening and it's starting to make my head spin. Damn it, why can't life be easy?

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