Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Almost Forgot!

As I was walking home, I had a thought--something I want to share....

For the most part, I notice that guys seem to have a genuine concern for not allowing girls to walk home, late at night, by themselves. However, I seem to be left behind in this concern. Perhaps it's because my guy friends beleive I can fend off all the sketchy men that wonder the streets late at night--you know, with my massive muscles and mad kungfu fighting skills. Or maybe it's my impeccable ability to blend into any environment and not be seen by even the most trained eyes. Although, what I think it comes down to is that my guy friends don't think of me as some sort of helpless female--they see I can take care of myself. This is great and all, but ya know, as independent as I may be, I, too, want to be taken care of sometimes and there are times when I really need it. ::sigh:: I guess that's the sacrafice I make for getting to be one of the guys.

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