Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

To sum up my trip, my time in Hawaii was fabulous, but the transportation sucked ass. On Wednesday we were supposed to fly to San Francisco at 6am, but the flight was full (keep in mind that I'd been up since 10am the day before). That put our arrival time in Hawaii at 230, instead of 1230 (not too bad). Well, we couldn't get on the next flight to LA. Too make, this long story short, we were supposed to get there at 1230 in the afternoon, but instead we didn't get there until 11 at night. I was up for about 40 hours (keep in mind the time difference). For the next two days I just sat out in the sun reading--I surprisingly came home with a tan, even from such a short time...

So, our plan was to take the red eye flight home on Friday night... and I thought that things were going perfectly. My dad and I got the last two seats on the flight--first class nonetheless. However, just as they were closing the door, the flight crew called our name, and pulled us off the flight. Some stupid 16 year old prick, checked in at the time of departure (technically he had relinquished his reservations, but oh well). So, this guy shouldn't have gotten on because he was so late...and to top it all off he got our two seats in first class (he was a coach passenger). Another night in Hawaii for us (I know, horrible, huh. But the problem was that now we couldn't get home until Sunday because of limited flight service on Saturdays). And after staying in a seedy Travel lodge in San Francisco to leave this morning at 630, I'm back in Seattle, freezing my ass off... but thankful to be home. :)

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