Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

To say the least this evening has been interesting. It started off on a purely innocent note as I gave Courtney her slightly belated Christmas present: a neon green fuzzy vibrator (I'm sure you're all jealous). Naturally, the topic of conversation moved towards men as I proclaimed that: "I'm a sucker." Need I say more?

Sadly, at that point our conversation got cut short as we were forced to clean up the mess left in the kitchen: sticky secretions left everywhere (Thanks to Blythe and Courtney for their added assistance in cleaning up the mess we made).

After Courtney departed, feeling she could handle no more, it was time to add a bit of mix to the genders. So, we invited the Confused Gender Neutral Asexual It Adam over for some roaring good times.

At about midnight we were all craving Dick's (you'd think that would cause Adam to forfeit the Asexual portion of his title--oh well). And the evening got even stranger... we moved on to eating our Dick's and playing Candyland--sadly noticed that the bent-over Mr. Mint appears to be gay: not as in festive but anal penetration of the bum. I think the kids playing Candyland are a bit young to be exposed to porn, but companies will do anything to make a buck.

The games went on... bringing out more of our inner-child: at which point I presented my "patented blowing technique" and I swept the competition off their feet. So I leave you this evening with the thought of all three of us freak dancing with my desk chair, followed by a jolly jig: Canadian style. Goodnight all!!

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