Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Let's see here... I'm out of breath. Hey there jackass, I hate you so much, you're a dick... no you're a dick. no you're a dick. no you're a dick. i'm tired of your dickotry. Thank god for genes. and I mean G-E-N-E-S. I haven't drank in two days, it's making me feel better. I think I'm an alcoholic. Remember when we didn't drink. When was that? What? Last year? I'm an alocholic ::sob:: Cry me a river. Keep writing it, people are going to think you're on crack. Here's something to write: Something froma movie. Fingerbanging, you mean when you put your hand in the shape of a gun to shoot someone. In our movie, I want to have a scene in a movie where a guy takes off his shirt and his boxers are around his nipples. I hate when they do that. Have you seen Dr. Who? oh fuck. Someone who's seen that movie, that's the plan. I'm building a tolerance. I think when you lose weight you build a tolerance. What's the point of drinking if you're not going to drive. I think you should eat some more tomatoes. You think that would help? No, I don't know why I said that. I wanna go down by the river or the street, because I haven't done that for awhile. It's so hard to do. I don't think I can do that when I'm so drunk. It vibrates the top of my mouth. I can't really do it. Control my Rs though. It' s like circular breathing... god damn. I'm just like that god damn saxophone/clarinet player.... Kenny G.... listen.... he sucks ass compared ot me. I could play a flute with my nose and a kazoo with my other nostril. Here wait hold on... this freshness date is bad as..... this expires pretty soon. April of 2001. Do you think the pop offs last longer than the twist offs? yes. I like your thinking. Do you have a scale Lindsay? I'm a human nutcracker. ow ow ow. I wish I had my video camera sitting the corner, it would be part of the movie, like real world. can I drink first? We'll get you all liquored up. you like vodka right? i think beer would be more appropriate for my white trash housemates. Matt, get a fuckin' clue. It seems so obvious.

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