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I'll be the first to admit that rumors can be pretty amusing, especially when they're about yourself and totally off base. However, since I'm the type of person that overanalyzes things, when I start to think about possible consequences of a rumor, it's not so fun anymore. So, as the rumor goes, I guess I made out with some guy at a party before Christmas (the funny part is that I really wouldn't mind if the rumor was true). Well, in thinking about it, I realize the parties involved in this rumor have been ignoring me (haven't returned my calls/e-mails--and they're usually good about it). And this sucks, because if they actually are upset or something with me, they have no right to be. However, I heard this information in the strictest of confidence and am not allowed to divulge to previously mentioned parties. So for now, I remain the evil whore...

...who could use some HELP. Any suggestions of how to dissolve the rumor or deal with the situation would be highly appreciated :) :) :)

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