Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Today was a great day....I realize that I like New Year's Day far better than I like New Year's eve. It's the only holiday that I can think of where I spend it with my friends just chillin'. To start off my relaxing day, Matt, Shane, Heather and I went to IHOP for the traditional hangover breakfast. After that, we decided to wander the ave, shopping through this cool jewelry store and the dollar store (gotta love the bargains). After a short stop at Pier 1, Matt decided he was on a mission to find a scounce (those things you hang on your wall for candles). So, I drove all four of us into Redmond to look at Bed, Bath and Beyond (he ended up buying the "thing" they had at Pier 1). Onward in our mission, we drove to my house in Woodinville on our way to pick up Playstation games at Matt's house in Snohomish (where we were well fed at his parent's Rosebowl party). Finally we made it back to Seattle (about 7). At this point we decided to play old school Trivial Pursuit (from 1981) and watch Swingers. Shane was the only one that hadn't seen it before and he kept cringing when Mikey was making a fool of himself--made me laugh. And to end our evening we watched Dirty Dancing. I think after that busy day I'm gonna head to bed now. Sadly I have class tomorrow... :-(

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